Life can be so beautiful. 


                  But life also can disarrange us very much.


Often life leaves smaller or greater marks in us.

Some marks disappear.

But other marks of those energies are served, marks of traumas, mourning, anger, violent experiences, indignities, and many other influences, that life has at the ready .

Those energetic marks are saved in our body, so they even can provoke physical and psychic troubles.    

Those relevant impressions take off our lightness of life, they take off our breath, they cramp our body, they debar us from sleeping or in joyful contacts with other people. 

They made us feeling worthless, we don´t trust in ourselves, we cannot live our personality our potential, we are not able to realize the beauty of life, they take away coulours, fragrance and joy of live as well as beautiful feelings. 


Maybe you remember times or experiences, you was delirious with joy, all your senses perceived life in its most beautiful variations and you had so much energy, feeling ready to take on anything. 


What happens, if you YOURSELF are able to guide life in those direction?

Trust me, you have the tools therefor in your hand, your intentions, your thoughts have much more power you imagine.


To reach that goals, I would be pleased, to guide a litte piece in those direction, until you feel, you are able to go that way on your own.



Here are my Proposals