Welcome at Lichtblicke (ray of hope)


Practice for more joy and wellbeing


Bach Flower Sessions . Reiki-Treatments. Shamanic Balance-Sessions

  • Disengage, relax, stock up new energy and leave once only daily routine behind you
  • Find inner silence, mental balance and contenteness
  • Breaking new ground - "energetic healing" from old traumas of the past, breaking through old behaviour



Are you ready getting into the adventure for a journey to yourself? 

If you are visiting my website, some sunbeams could appear again to you.

I´m working with you on a very smooth level of energy, where  blocked emotions, experiences and adventures are saved, which can blur your live and make it heavily.

In my Practice I use Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki and tools from shamanism so that those blocked energies are able to come into balance again.


We are living in a world of very different energies.

So that you can imagine, how I am working, I have integrated 2 videos for you (only in German) ,  provided by occuational group of HumanEnergetics:

                                  - Video 1: Link: ->  Finde deine Energie 

                                  - Video 2: Energetiker 3 Ebenen Modell - please click arrow in the video below


 I wish you much pleasure while visiting my website!